Sunrise Shells for Sale!

Today we will be posting some really great pictures of new shells up for grabs. It’s going to be first come first serve for everything, so it will be completely email based so that we can determine the time in which people respond. This is a chance to get your hands on some one of a kind jewelry pieces and loose shells. Everything will be posted and priced by the end of today Aug. 10th. Much Mahalos to all of you who keep up with SunriseShells and Aloha to everyone that’s first visiting. Check out the Payment and Shipping page for more info.
Mahalo and Aloha!


Doritos Crash the Superbowl Alien commercial, Check it Out!

The people from SunriseShells and a couple of their friends have entered into the Crash the Superbowl Doritos competition. Voting begins on January 5th 2010, but please check out our video by clicking the link attached. Wish us Luck! We will also start posting shells again at the middle of the month.. Thanks to all our Fans!

Sunny of the Day

We have been uploading a new Sunrise Shell picture everyday since October 21. Everyday our new picture will be displayed within the “shells” page which is located to the right of our new posts. We hope you enjoy our pictures of these wonderful shells.

A Few Minor Changes

We are going to start uploading our daily sunrise shell pictures to a page of their own. The site is going to be under construction starting in about one week for some updates. We want to offer our visitors a more in depth visit dedicated to sunrise shells so, our goal by the end of the year is to have a public forum which users can log into and share whatever they like, a page where users can upload their own photos of their collections, our blog, and our daily sunrise shell pictures. Don’t forget people that we are going to start selling ad space starting at the beginning of November. That would be especially helpful for companies making jewelry using sunrise shells. We have been getting roughly 20-30 hits a day to our homepage. Imagine what that could possibly do for visibility of your products. And remember that all the funds collected from selling ad space is going towards our projects which are all about sunnies.

Kauai Sunrise Shell

sunrise shell – 102109

Kauai sunrise shell $not for sale

Kauai sunrise shell $not for sale

Lots of new Sunrise Shell Pictures to look at!

Check out all the new pictures of beautiful Sunrise Shells found in Hawaii at . There are new pictures going up everyday so make sure you come by and take a look. Some are available for purchase and prices are what they are. The shells are all one of a kind so they are sort of like art, there will never be another one alike which is what makes them so special. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Oahu beach worn Sunrise Shell

Sunrise Shell 102009

Oahu beach worn sunny $160

Oahu beach worn sunny $160